Running an association, non-profit organization or middle-market company is no easy task. You need tools - tools that help you manage your membership, customers, vendors and finances. We at BSCI are committed to offering our clients the best software solutions to help their organizations run more efficiently. Whether you are looking for a complete association management package, or extending your existing system, the staff at BSCI has the expertise and experience to help you.

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iMIS15 provides a broad range of relationship management, marketing communications, commerce, and business intelligence functionality. A browser-based user interface provides executives, staff professionals, board members, and volunteers with personalized anytime, anywhere access to iMIS15. Member, donor, and other customer interactions occur via your organization's website, powered by iMIS15.

The complete membership, fundraising, and website management solution in one ready-to-use software package. More than 30,000 nonprofit professionals everyday use iMIS. It is packaged, upgradeable software for the life of your organization with award-winning support, a worldwide network of trained professionals, and a tightly connected user community. All of this ensures you get the most from your software investment. As a member of the ASI Chairman's Club for 6 consecutive years, BSCI is consistently ranked one of the top iMIS implementation & support specialists in the United States and across the globe.

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  • Word Merge iPART - allows users to run an IQA query and merge to a Word template. This component can be used with the staff view or the public view.

  • Referral Suite iPART - includes 3 components, back office for calls, website for self-service, and mentor/mentee website.

  • Billing iPART - allows the user to view and update billing data through the browser. This component works throughthe profile update of a member. User can view status of the dues products for the member and, if a full user with security access, can update, insert, or delete line items.